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Am I Creative?

Am I Creative?

Sometimes it’s hard for me to be creative. Either I think I don’t have it in me or I can’t find it. That it’s lost.

But the reality is it’s there, it’s part of me. It doesn’t go away forever. Maybe it’s dimmed or kinked a little, and I just need to spark the flame or unkink the hose.

When I feel this way about creativity, that I don’t have it, it’s usually a sign to something bigger. It usually means something else is going on in my life. I have a block, or a hurdle I must get past. Something is in the way and I need to breakthrough. Usually it’s an emotion or feeling, maybe a life experience, and in order to move on through and spark that creativity, I’ve gotta do some work to get back in my creative flow. It’s hard to face it and do the work, but necessary and so worth it to get to the other side✨

Are you in that space right now? That space of needing a breakthrough to spark a flame or unkink a hose? Could be within your professional or personal life. I’d love to be your life coach and work with you to help move through it. Let’s schedule a 1-on-1 coaching session and make it happen. Contact me today to set it up!

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